How to clean and maintain your car like a pro

How often do you care about your car and ensure that your car looks clean both inside and outside? I don’t know what your occupation but most people spend most of their time inside their vehicle moving from one place to another and the best thing you can do is to ensure you keep that baby as clean as you can. In this guide, I will explain and show you how to clean and maintain your car like a professional

I know you have got a standby car wash that can help you do the job but what if you decide to do it on your own. Yes, you can save that little $$ and do it yourself and you will be surprised to know that isn’t as hard as you thought.

clean and maintain your car

Dirt and grime harm the paintwork and provide an excellent surface for rust to attack. The kilometers, on the other hand, leave obvious imprints in the interior. Getting in and out of the vehicle frequently brings dirt into the vehicle, soiling the doors and footwell panels. Sweat gets on the automobile seats in hot weather. When you add food and drink to the mix, the inside is scarcely stain-free. Smokers emit a foul stench that is difficult to eradicate.

Without a doubt, the car is a tough item that performs admirably even when not properly maintained. Car washing and interior cleaning are, however, required to avoid damage to the vehicle’s exterior and to reduce wear and tear.

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It’s also worth mentioning the issue of security. This means that clean automobiles will be visible in traffic earlier. A gloss rating of 87 to 93 percent is generated depending on the state of the paint. The ability of the eye to see contours declines with badly filthy paintwork, thus contours can be identified around 90 meters later.

When is it necessary to clean your car?

Intensive car cleaning is beneficial not only before a vehicle is sold, but also to improve the appearance of the vehicle. Rather, a cleaning procedure should be performed on the trolley at regular intervals. However, this does not have to be done once a week. The frequency of use is mostly determined by the type and length of consumption. Cars that get a lot of use should be cleaned at least once a month. If, on the other hand, a vehicle is parked in the garage every day and is rarely used, a monthly or at least bimonthly thorough cleaning is sufficient.

Here, too, the season plays a significant effect. In the winter, an automobile requires significantly more maintenance than in the summer. Heavy soiling is caused by slush and road salt, which can damage the paintwork. If the vehicle is used often, at least one trip through the car wash should be made every week.

Good maintenance helps to retain the vehicle’s worth.

Regular car maintenance not only keeps the vehicle’s value but also provides the owner with years of enjoyment from his vehicle. Cleaning and care should include the following:

Best car maintenance tools you need to keep your vehicle clean always
Car cleaning tools
  • Car polishing and cleaning the exterior shell
  • Sealing the paint
  • Cleaning the windows
  • Engine scrubbing
  • Protection from the inside out
  • Tire maintenance
  • Cleaning the rims
  • Maintenance of the cockpit
  • Cleaning leather or cleaning upholstery
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A professional car wash, which is currently offered by numerous companies or car repair shops, may provide all of this. These cleanings cost between 40 and 150 euros, depending on the amount of labor and services necessary. Car cleaning and maintenance are also quite simple to perform on your own. Every household has a commercial vacuum cleaner. Cloths and sponges that are lint-free are also easily organized.

The cost of car maintenance

Car care necessitates the use of appropriate cleaning and care materials. These can be found in places like auto repair shops and auto accessory stores. Purchasing car shampoos, cockpit sprays, and other such items at gas stations are not encouraged, as the products are typically substantially more expensive.

On the Internet, there are also a plethora of offers that are tough to keep track of. It’s difficult to know which product is the right and best. It is so worthwhile to go to independent comparison sites on the Internet and learn more. Reports from other car owners in specialized communities can be just as useful.

Aside from choosing the correct auto care solutions, it’s also important to make sure that traditional household treatments like washing-up liquid, oven sprays, and alkaline cleaners aren’t used on a vehicle.

Tips on how to take care of your car

How to clean and maintain your car like a pro

Cleaning alone does not always eliminate all filth. Only specific cleaning chemicals or putty are usually effective at removing persistent bug filth. Sticker remnants can be steeped in vinegar and peeled off easily. A sliced potato can be used to remedy squeaky windshield wipers. Additionally, the coffee powder should aid in the elimination of foul odors.

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However, small-scale home solutions may not always result in successful car maintenance. They can sometimes cause more harm than good to the vehicle. In this case, the rule of thumb is to first inform, then act.

Interior cleaning is the final step in proper car maintenance.

Car interior cleaning is mostly overlooked. It’s even more critical to deal with issues regularly. This includes not only emptying but also cleaning the car.

  • The car seats,
  • windows and mirrors,
  • The trunk, and the spare wheel, etc.

Special cleaning and care products should be utilized in this case as well. Leather seats, for example, are quite delicate and require a great deal of attention. With regular home cleaners, the leather becomes permeable. Upholstered seats, too, require careful attention. Working with a lot of water here could damage the electronics in the chairs, so be careful.

Only the panes and mirrors can be cleaned with a traditional window cleaner. Window cleaning may be purchased for a few euros in any supermarket or drugstore.

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