Why you Must Install a GPS Car Tracker now

Nigerians needs to install a GPS Car Tracker now than ever, and if you have not then so then you must do that now that you still had the opportunity or you regret it later.

Have you secured your car against the unexpected? Maybe you are still waiting for something bad to happen before you do the needful, securing your car with a good GPS tracker is very important now than ever, Nigeria is turning into something else and you must prepare yourself whatever properties in your position because what will happen the next minutes are unpredictable.

Well we all pray for God or whatever you believe in to protect us against the evil ones but we have to do the right we can to protect ourselves and as well as our properties. I don’t need to remind you the high cost of vehicles in Nigeria attributed the cost of dollar to the Naira exchange rate. The best you can do right now is to secure your car with a GPS car tracking system that can potentially help you locate it when stollen.

God forbid no one prays for such but it do happen and it will be the best to do the needful right now that you still have the opportunity. However, this not the first time, we are sharing more info about car GPS tracking system but the increase car theft in Nigeria prompted me to tell you how important it is to install a car tracking device in all you vehicles.

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You can read GPS Car tracker price and why you need it, I have explain everything you need to know about GPS car tracking system or devices. the good news is that they are not that expensive as you may think, if you have anything between 10 – 20k you can get yourself a nice tracking device for you car.

However, you might be thinking that once a vehicle is stolen that the thieves will immediately remove the tracker but you are wrong, A track is never visible to the eye, its hidden and will take an expert sometimes to find, moreover the thieves might be reluctant to know that you installed a tracker and if you are fast enough to report the nearest police station then you have a very good chance of recovering your car.

Why am even recommending a Gps car tracker?

A few days ago a doctor cried out about how his car disappeared in Abuja market while coming back from church when he parked at the entrance to the market so that he could purchase some items. He said again that when he was done, his red Totoya Corolla car with number plate BWR285TT was no longer where he parked it. sadly for him, his laptop, tablet, €200 and other personal effects were inside the vehicle as he said.

If he had installed a GPS Car Tracker, all he needs to do is bring out his smartphone and open the tracking device app installed on his phone to check the movements of his car. Moreover, there more than 20 different types of GPS Car Tracker with different functions and what you can do with you tracker depends on the one you installed.

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You are not only protecting your car you are protecting yourself against kidnappers

With the high degree of instability, there is a higher risk of auto theft and kidnapping. It’s great if you try to purchase yourself some peace of mind.
Purchasing and installing an automobile monitoring device with auto stop/start functions is the way to go; it has a slew of advantages, which I’ll detail below.

By sending a single order, you can always know where your car is at all times. It doesn’t stop there; you can also determine whether the vehicle is moving or simply parked.

With a simple monitor command, you may even listen in on conversations in the automobile. You will be able to hear what they are saying, but they will never be able to hear you.

You only need to send a simple resume engine order to restart the car. It also includes cell tower triangulation, which allows you to receive email and SMS notifications if your car leaves a specific location or exceeds a predetermined speed limit.

GPS car tracker in Nigeria

Who can afford a GPS car tracking device?

If you can afford to buy a car of any type then you can surely afford to buy a GPS tracking device with ease, yes you heard me right!

You spent money on a daily or weekly basis buying fuel/diesel for your car so who told you that buying this tracking device that will help you secure your car should be debated. Well, a car tracking device doesn’t have a fixed price, it all depends on the type and features of the one you are going for.

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I have already explained everything you need to know in this guide GPS Car tracker price and why you need it all the basic features of the car tracking system and price has been explain already in that guide. However, a tracking system car go as low as N10,000 and as high as N50,000 and even N10,000 what differentiate them is the features. If it comes with advanced features then it becomes more expensive than other regular Car GPS tracking devices.


Installing a Gps tracker on your vehicle is not a do or die thing, you might decide not to install or decide to install the choice is all yours but the benefits is something you cant ignore. If you need peace of mind and security then consider buying any good car tracking device that your pocket can reach.

Note: You need a professional installer to do this job for you because they know where to hide the tracker that will be hard for thieves to find or even notice that there is a tracker on your car. There are lots of good stories about tracking devices saving lives and properties. Don’t be left out because no one knows tomorrow but God forbid, you are protected by almight God but you have to do your own part and leave the rest for him to handle.

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