How to check Vehicle VIN for free (detailed guide)

You might be probably be hearing about VIN or surely know more about but the question is how can you check your car VIN for free. Firstly, what a VIN? The abbreviation VIN simply stands for Vehicle Identification Number, Just like human beings have their unique names, colors, and or whatever that can be used to identify each other.

Vehicles have their own unique identification numbers that differentiate them from any other vehicles irrespective of the brands, models, or colors. However, you might be asking why vehicles must have a VIN. Well, there are two important reasons why vehicle VINs are very important. You can mainly use the VIN to do the following.

  • It helps to identify any vehicle.
  • Helps to find the history of any vehicle.

Checking a vehicle VIN will help you find all the hidden information you need to know about any vehicle as long as you can get your hand on the VIN. For instance, when you are buying a car in Nigeria but don’t know much about the car the best thing to do is to run a VIN check of the vehicle and you will find all the hidden information about the car. You can find the following information using VIN:

  • Vehicle Production year
  • The country the vehicle was produced from.
  • The accident history of the car.
  • Insurance status
  • Whether the vehicle has been stolen before from the owner, etc.

Understand what VIN is all about and how to use them will help you not to be cheated or scammed by those car dealers, most car dealers in Nigeria will got to abroad and buy accident vehicles fix them here in Nigeria, repaint it and sell them as a clean tokunbo vehicles

What Is The Best Way To Check A Vin Number For Free?

Vehicles, like people, have a distinct ‘name’ that helps to identify them.
A VIN is unique to your vehicle, much as your fingerprints are unique to you.
The VIN, or Vehicle Identification Number, is a special code made up of numbers and letters that are used to mark a vehicle.
VINs are unique to each vehicle.

Vehicle VIN number checker
VIN Number lookup

Other things you should know about VIN

Typically, a vehicle identification number is 17 characters long.
If your VIN is less than this, your car was most likely manufactured before 1980.
To prevent confusion with the numbers 0 and 1, the letters Q, I, and O are omitted from VIN numbers.

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An example of a VIN number is as follows:


How to understand the Vin Number of Your Car

Each letter and number on the VIN denotes a specific value. Following is a list of what each number represents according to the VIN used above as an example:

1st Character: ‘6’ represents where the vehicle is built.

2nd and 3rd Character ‘Y1’ represents the car manufacturers.

4th to 8th Characters ‘SL858′ represent vehicles’ portrait brand, engine size and type.

9th Character ‘3’ denotes security code that shows the manufacturer authorized the VIN

10th Character ‘8’ denotes the Model Year of the car

11th characters ”Z’ denotes which manufacturing plant made the car.

12th to 17th characters ‘422439’ is the serial number of the car.

What is the location of my vehicle’s VIN?

The VIN for your vehicle can be found in two ways. The VIN of your car can normally be found on the dashboard on the driver’s side. Looking from the outside at the corner of the dashboard where it crosses the driver’s seat is the best way to see this.

The second popular place to find your VIN is at the driver’s side door entrance, where it locks if it is locked. The VIN can also be found on your insurance card/policy. – The registration and title of the vehicle

How and where to check your vehicles histories using VIN for Free

For you to get exclusive details about any vehicle using the VIN number, it is recommended to use a paid service that can give you accurate details of the vehicle in a few clicks. However, I understand that not everyone is ready to pay for a VIN check but will rather prefer going for a free VIN Check. Well, there is a way to check any Vehicle VIN for free but the information might be limited.

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Below are the proven methods you can follow for vehicle VIN lookup.

  1. National Insurance Crime Bureau (NICB): The National Crime Insurance Office provides information on robbery, losses, or other insurance reports on your vehicle. The service is free, all you need is to get your Car VIN and head straight to the National Insurance Crime Bureau platform. To do that you need to follow the steps below.

Step 1: Pick up your phone/Laptop, open your browser and go to the NICB VIN check page.
Step 2: Input your vehicle’s VIN in the slot provided.
Step 3: Confirm you are not a robot and agree to their terms and conditions.
Step 4: Click on search.

Following the above method will reveal the history of the vehicle you intend the information about, At least, you will be able to know whether the vehicle has been stolen from the previous owner or has been used to commit any crime in the past. However, the NICB VIN check page can only be used to find the basic information about any vehicle. If you need more you might consider using a paid services.

2. FAXVIN CHECK: The VIN search from FAXVIN provides you with information such as the vehicle’s history, mileage, and more. The car’s make and model, Complete loss records, odometer readings Accidents history, Rollback of Mileage Defects and recalls Structural damages, Records of liens and repossessions Hail, floods, and fire injuries, to name a few. Records of theft and recovery Inspection, service, registration history, and other important car features. Personal, police, or taxi use, inspection, service, and registration history. To check any vehicle VIN using this platform simply follow the steps below:

Step 1: Use your phone or laptop and go to the Faxvin page
Step 2: Input your vehicle’s VIN
Step 3: Click on Check VIN

Completing these processes will help unmask all the hidden information about the vehicle you are checking free of charge, though certain info might not be provided while using the free services but all the basic things you need to know will be revealed to you.

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You can also read:

3. VINCheckInfo: Another platform that allows you to check vehicle VIN numbers is popularly known as VINCheckinfo designed to provide more in-depth information about a VIN check. You’ll get information on the vehicle’s fuel economy, sale price history, manufacturer’s recalls, and warranties, the best time to purchase a new model, title records, burglary records, accident records, and vehicle features like a year, model, color, and so on. Follow these steps below to check your VIN through this medium.

Step 1: You can use a phone or Laptop to visit the VinCheckInfo page.
Step 2: From the homepage, Enter your car’s VIN in the space provided; under ‘Run a Free Vehicle Report’.
Step 3: Click on Check VIN.

Immediately you click check VIN, you will be able to see all the basic details of the vehicle in no time. The good news is that you are not actually paying any money unless you want more.

Vehicle Vin number check for free
VIN numbers and what they represents

4. ISeeCars: Another free resource for a more detailed VIN search of your vehicle is iSeeCars. You will get comprehensive reports here, including the car’s market value, price analysis, and history, predicted depreciation, accident statistics, and projected best times to buy and sell. Follow the process below to check VIN for free.

Step 1: Visit the iSeeCars page
Step 2: On the top page, you will find a box to input the VIN. Input your VIN.
Step 3: Click on Analyze.

These four websites have free VIN checks that are both reliable and detailed. It’s sometimes a good idea to get a paid VIN search because these have more detailed information. Many car dealers will also have a free VIN check before you buy a new vehicle.

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