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Nigerian driver’s license verification: How to go about it

If you will like to check if your driver’s license is a valid one, you have come to the right place. In this content, I’ll be showing you how to go about the verification. And for the sake of those who discover they’re using fake licenses, I’ll also discuss how to get a valid license, without getting scammed again. So let’s get into it.

How to verify your current license

1. Head over to the Website

To check if your driver’s license is a valid one or not, you’ll have to make use of a tool provided on the website. This tool is powered by web technologies, so it doesn’t matter whether you’re using a mobile phone or a computer. But to make things easier, consider doing this verification with a computer, a tablet, or a laptop. And also, if you have the Chrome browser, that is the browser you should use.

So to make use of the tool, logon to

2. Navigate to the verification tool

Once your browser loads the homepage of the website, you should see a page similar to what’s in the picture below.

At this point, the next thing to do, is to navigate to the page where the tool is located. And the following will describe how to do that —

Phase 1:

If you’re using a computer or a laptop, drag your mouse to the navigation menu that reads “DL Application”, but don’t click it yet. However, if you’re using a phone or a tablet, you’ll have to tap the “DL Application” menu.

By doing that, you should see the sub-menus of the “DL Application” menu come up. These sub-menus in question, are — “New Driver’s License”, “Renewal of Driver’s License”, and “

Re-issue of Driver’s License”; the sub-menu that reads “Renewal of Driver’s License”, is what we’re interested in, so that’s what you should click next.

Phase 2:

By clicking the “Renewal of Driver’s License” sub-menu, a small dialogue box that displays the following message should come up — “Dear Applicant, if you intend to apply for Commercial Licence Classes, kindly visit a Drivers Licence Centre (DLC) close to you.”. Don’t bother yourself about that information, just proceed and click the blue “I understand, let me continue” button.

By clicking the blue “I understand, let me continue” button, you should be taken to the page where the verification tool is located.

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3. Make use of the tool

At this point, you should find yourself on a page that looks similar to what’s in the picture below.

As you can see, the tool demands the provision of your driver’s license number and your date of birth. The driver’s license number being referred to, is the one on the license you’re trying to verify. And the date of birth being referred to is of course your date of birth; however, if you use multiple dates of birth in different documents, the date of birth you should enter is the one printed on the license you’re holding.

So when you supply these details and also enter the reCAPTCHA code [the reCAPTCHA code is just meant to verify you’re not a robot], the tool will check if your license is valid or not.

Possible responses and their meanings


If you get the “No record found on the basis of search criteria.” response, it means your license is fake.


If some driver’s license details get displayed but the details do not correspond with what you have on the license with you, this also means your license is fake.


If some driver’s license details get displayed and the details also correspond with what’s on the license you have with you, then truly, your license is valid.

What to do if my license is invalid

So let’s assume the tool shows that your license is invalid and you wonder that, “What should I do now?”, well, first and foremost, take that card and keep it in a safe place where no one except you can take it.

Secondly, try to get a new valid license. And try as much as possible to avoid getting scammed this time around. If you still don’t know how to get a valid license, consider using the instructions provided under the next section.

Thirdly, when you get a new valid license (the permanent one, not the temporary one), try as much as possible to go back to every place where you’ve used the fake license (e.g. banks), and explain to them that you’ve been using a fake driver’s license in the past, without knowing it is fake. Each of these people will tell you what to do in their respective cases.

How to get a valid license

Now let’s assume you want to get a driver’s license again, and you don’t want to get scammed this time around, follow the instructions below.

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Quick note: This time around, I’ll strongly advise against paying someone to do the whole thing for you.

1. Learn how to drive [From an accredited entity]

The first thing to do, the earn the right to a Nigerian driver’s license, is to learn how to drive well. Don’t ever try to get a driver’s license without knowing how to drive.

And when I say “learn how to drive”, I’m not asking you to use YouTube videos or ask just anyone to teach you. By “learn how to drive”, I’m saying, find an accredited entity (e.g a driving school). Nothing stops you from using learning materials and receiving driving lessons from people around you, but if you want to get a license, an accredited entity must also be involved in your learning.

To find a list of accredited driving schools in your state, check out this page on the website.

So when you find an accredited entity, the entity will teach you how to drive as well as every other thing you should know.

After the entity teaching you how to drive has trained you, they’ll give you a certificate to prove that you now know how to drive. This certificate is something you’ll need, so don’t just throw it away.

And even if you already know how to drive, you should still pass through a driving school because you’ll need a driving school certificate.

2. Have your driving skill verified [By a VIO]

Once you have been certified by an accredited entity, the next thing to do, is to go to any FRSC office.

When you get there, tell them you are done with driving school, and will like to have a Vehicle Inspection Officer [VIO] give you a driving test, to verify your driving skill.

You’ll be assigned a VIO who’ll give you a driving test. And of course, you must pass the test excellently. If you fail this test, you’ll have to wait for some months before you can even consider reapply for a driver’s license, so take this test with all seriousness.

I should mention that before you’ll be given any test, you’ll be required to present your driving school certificate, so take your driving school certification along.

So if you pass your driving test, you’ll be given another certification that shows that the FRSC has also confirmed that you truly know how to drive a car properly. But note, this FRSC certification is not the driver’s license, and it should not be used as a driver’s license.

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3. Submit an application for a license

Once you have your driving school certificate and your FRSC driving certificate, the next thing to do, is to apply for a driver’s license. Passing the VIO test won’t automatically give you a driver’s license, you have to explicitly request for it. And to request for your license, you’ll need the following documents —

  • Your driver’s license request payment slip — yes, you’ll have to pay;
  • Your application form;
  • Your learner’s permit — get this from your driving school;
  • Your certificate from driving school;
  • Your certificate of VIO test;
  • Your certificate of eye test; and
  • Your birth certificate.



As regards how much you’ll have to pay, check the website for the current price.


All payments are to be made on the website or into the bank account of the FRSC; so if you meet someone asking you to bring the money or transfer it to their personal account, know that it’s most likely another scam.


The information you’ll need to provide during the application are things like — Surname, First name, Other name, Sex, Date of birth, Place of birth [City/Town], Marital status, Nationality, Home address, State of origin, Local Govt of Origin, Phone number(s), Occupation, Mother maiden name, Height, Blood group, Nationality of your next of kin, and Phone number of your next of kin. Your height will be measured for you at the FRSC office, so you won’t need to stress yourself about that.

Once you have all the documents mentioned above, just proceed to meet a Board of Internal Revenue (BIR) officer at the FRSC office.

When this officer is done with you, he’ll direct you to a Vehicle Inspection Officer [VIO] who’ll also do some things for you. When the VIO is also done, he’ll further direct you to another FRSC officer who’ll finish up the whole thing.

4. Collect your temporary license

Once you’re done with the driver’s license application, you should be given a temporary license on that same day. The temporary license will be valid for 60 days. And before the end of that 60 days, the permanent license should be ready.

Final words

I understand that getting a driver’s license can be stressful, so if you make use of the tool mentioned above and you discover your license is fake, don’t say, “I’ll just use it like that.”. There are a lot of problems a fake license can bring to you, so kindly avoid them at all cost.

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