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GPS Car tracker price and why you need it

Getting a good Gps car tracker is a must these days, though, you might think its expensive to buy but your are wrong, if you can a afford a car then buying a GPS tracking system should be nothing to you.

Last time I published a Guide on GPS Car Tracking System & Why you need it Today I will explain more about it including the prices. GPS simply means a Global Positioning System which helps in tracking the location of your car at any given time.

What is GPS Car Tracker?

Gps car tracker is a small gadget concealed or hidden somewhere in a vehicle that uses a cellular network and global system for monitoring and positioning movement of vehicles. Car tracking systems have become necessary because of its tremendous benefit, a very popular security feature in modern vehicles.

GPS tracker installation on vehicles is good for you and your business. Here are the main reasons why tracking your car is very necessary.

  • It helps protect your vehicle from thief’s because when stolen it can be found with the help of the tracker.
  • You can be able to track your children or partners movement as long as they are with your vehicle.
  • It gives you peace of mind and relaxation you deserve. No need worrying about your car being stolen since you can always monitor with your mobile phone anytime.
  • It can be used to protect other valuable properties and not just a vehicle.
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How GPS Car Tracker works

For you to have a better understanding on how car tracking system works, I will explain everything bit by bit and after that we talk about the price and how you can actually get one. Understanding how it works will help you determine whether you actually need the car tracking system or not.

Tracking in real time

It might interest you to know that a good gps car tracking system have the ability to give the information about you vehicle location, monitor speed, get mileage report, and suggest direction where your vehicle might be heading etc.

Improved vehicle maintenance

To keep precise records of vehicle use, tracking systems can be plugged into vehicle analyses.
This will make maintenance plans easy to follow. Vehicle monitoring also provides you with the power to check whether a vehicle has been taken to a station or not. Enhanced maintenance helps extend vehicle life. It also helps avoid delays which can occur when vehicles collapse.

Help secure your property

It prevents your precious asset from being removed by the thief. In the event of theft, it would be easy for you to trace and retrieve your car, generator, piano or other valuable products professionally fitted with a tracking system.

Improves the efficiency of business

The travel plan of the GPS tracking device will provide the most effective route to your destination. This means that the number of deliveries would rise in less time.

Helps to improve employee safety

If you are running a private and corporate business, you have to respect the protection of your employees. You increase your employees’ safety dramatically by monitoring their movement with the companies vehicle. This is so you can find them in the field if you lose contact with a tracking device. Your workers will obtain the assistance that they need in due course in the event of an emergency.

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You can pay less for insurance

Insurance is a major expense to every car ownership company (especially if it is a large fleet). Vehicle owners who add tracking systems are given discounts by certain insurers. The premium discount will actually be charged for the expense incurred when the GPS vehicle tracking device is mounted. So you can start installing the GPS vehicle tracking device on all of your vehicles if you want to reduce the operating costs.

Helps you to track all your vehicles and staff

You will always have their location and that of the staff who use them on a map if you have all the vehicles registered.
You might also know how much time a vehicle can spend at a particular spot. Therefore, if an officer drives a vehicle to a place that should not be or remain longer than planned in a spot, you will immediately know. You’ll know, too, if a driver takes a different path than the one he ought.

It Helps reduce fuel consumption

It’s very smart to have a GPS car tracking system built as cars used in your company use tons of fuel daily. The amount of fuel that any car uses will be greatly reduced. The reason is that the driver is forced to use a monitoring device more responsibly.
You are not going to places you should not go because you are driving the car at safe speeds. Any time a driver violates company rules and regulations, some monitoring systems give you email or text message notification.

Best place to install a GPS tracker in your car

Let me remind you that a tracker should be hidden where no one can see it or where it will be hard to remove because once removed then you will not be able to track whatever you are trying to protect. There is this diagram that will help you find the best place you can hid your tracker in your car.

GPS Car Tracking system price and features
Installation of car tracking system positions

Price of GPS Car tacking system

Today, monitoring the car is not as costly as before. It is now a cheap effort for any organization that wants to run more effectively.
If you want to maximize earnings, the set cost and service charge are worth it. For this reason vehicle monitoring is regarded by the biggest and most profitable corporations in the world as one of the best practices.

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However, there are different types of GPS car tracking system and the price also differs depending on the features.

You can get a good track between N15,000 – N50,000 in Nigeria. Amount less than $100 or a bit here for advanced ones with more features.

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