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11 reasons for the short lifespan of cars in Nigerians

The lifespans of cars owned by Nigerians are generally low. And if you’re one of those aware of this and will like to increase the lifespan of their new or tokunbo car, then you have come to the right place. In this article, I’ll be informing you about those things that reduce the lifespan of cars, with the hope that if you can avoid these things, you should be able to use your cars for longer. So let’s get into it. 

Top 11 reasons for the short lifespan of cars owned by Nigerians

01. Driving carelessly on bad roads

You must have heard this before, driving careless on bad roads shortens the lifespan of the car. But if you haven’t, that statement is very true. The reason why this is true is that, when you drive carelessly, you’ll end up hitting some parts of the car on the road. Also, you’ll cause some parts of the car to experience sudden jerks. While these things may seem harmless, when doing them, they cause little internal damages to the car. And after a while, these little damages accumulate to become big problems; and very often the results of these accumulated damages are difficult to pinpoint without the help of a highly-qualified mechanics.

In short, if you’ll like your car to last for so long that you may end up transferring it to your son or daughter, when they grow up, then you have to learn to drive carefully on bad roads.

02. Inadequate washing frequency

While everyone knows that the washing of a car is a good thing, not many realize that not doing it can actually be harmful to a car.

First and foremost, when you refuse to wash a car, the dirt on the surface of the car starts to react with the painting of the car. And if the car becomes something that is often dirty, it’s only a matter of time before the reaction of dirt with the paint of the car become severe. And once the painting of a car gets spoilt, we all know how expensive it can be to restore it to its previous look.

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Secondly, when you refuse to wash a car, not only does the dirt damage the painting of the car, the dirt also starts to escape into the internal components of the car. And overtime, this dirt start to cause difficult-to-detect problems in a car.

In short, if you’ll like to use a car for a very long period, another thing you have to ensure is that the car sees regular washing.

03. Poor servicing and repairs

Another thing people do, that reduces the lifespan of their cars, is giving their cars to unqualified mechanics to repair. Truly, these guys may be capable of resorting cars to normal working condition, but there are ways cars should be repaired and ways they shouldn’t.

In short, whenever your vehicle breaks down, don’t just ask any mechanic to fix it for you. Before giving your car to any mechanics, try to know how much technical understanding of cars they possess. If the mechanic doesn’t seem to understand the physics, the technology, and the engineering behind cars, it’s better to avoid such a mechanic.

04. Hand on the gear shifter

People do have bad driving habits. While some of these habits are harmless, some are harmful. And when it comes to those driving habits that are harmful, the placement of your hand of your car’s gear shifter is one of those you can not ignore.

The placement of your hand on the gear shifter may seem harmless, but speaking from experience, this act wreaks little damages on the cars transmission components. And after a while, these little damages pill up to become very serious damages.

In short, another way to prolong the lifespan of your car, is to avoid holding the gear shifter unnecessarily. This habit can be difficult to shake off, but if you’re determined, it’s only a matter of time before you shake it off.

05. Improper tyre alignment

Improper tyre alignment is another top reason for the shortening of car lifespans. But not only is it bad for a car, it can also put your life at risk.

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There are so many ways improper tyre alignment can cause permanent damages to a car, and one of these ways is that it causes the tyre components and the suspension of a car to wear off much quicker.

Improper tyre alignment is quite easy to detect, so when you detect it, you should try as much as possible to do something about it, as soon as you detect the problem.

For those who don’t know how to detect this problem, the following are some sure signs of improper tyre alignment — (i) steering wheel steering off the centre when driving straight, (ii) vehicle pulling to the left or right, (iii) steering wheel vibrating, and (iv) uneven tread wear.

06. Not checking the levels

Using a car well, is not just about keeping the inside clean and washing it. Among the things you also have to do, is to check things like the coolant level, the engine oil level, etc. And when you discover the level of these things are low, you should attempt to top them up, as soon as you can. All these things have purposes they serve in a car, so unless you want to reduce the lifespan of your car, you should pay serious attention to these things.

07. Ignoring unusual noises

Everyone who has used a car frequently for at least 8 months, should have experienced a situation where their car, all of a sudden, starts to produce some unusual noises. But usually, we ignore these noises, which is a very bad thing.

Whenever your car starts to produce an unusual noise, you should immediately stop to check where the noise is coming from and what the cause of the noise is. And if possible, you should fix the problem, before driving the car again.

08. Inappropriate parts

Another way people reduce the lifespan of their car, is by replacing spoilt parts with inappropriate parts.

At times these inappropriate parts may work fine and seem to be okay, but behind the scene, they’ll be creating a lot of serious damages to the car.

In short, if you’ll like your car to last as long as possible, one of the things you also have to ensure is that you replace spoilt parts with appropriate ones.

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09. Not driving the car

While everyone knows that cars used heavily will get spoilt quicker than those driven moderately, not many also realize that not driving a car at all is also bad. There are some components of cars that require activity from time to time, to function well, but when you refuse to drive a car for a long time, these things start to die out.

In short, even if you don’t have a lot of places to go, always try to drive the car around, at least once in a week. Warming of the car won’t be enough, you should actually drive it around at least once in a week.

10. Car overloading

Car overloading is a really bad thing. When you load a car with too much load, not only will you feel the car is under stress, the stress can also lead to other problems which will eventually shorten the life span of the car.

In short, if you’ll like your car to last for a very long time, one of the things you also have to ensure is that you don’t load it with more load than you should.

The maximum amount of load a car should carry is usually put somewhere on the car. So if you look around your car, you should find this information.

11. Hard braking

Hard braking is not only bad for a good driving experience, it also causes serious damages to a car. This damage won’t be visible at first, but with time, you’ll start to see the consequences, and at this point, it’ll be very difficult to do something serious about the damages that have been inflicted upon the car.

In short, if you’ll like to increase the lifespan of your car, one of the things you also have to ensure is that you bid goodbye to the habit of braking hard.

Final words

The positive impact you can make on your car is significant, if you guard against all the 11 things I discussed above. In other words, the extra stress you may have to undergo, to avoid these 11 things will be worth it. So you should really consider doing everything in your power to avoid against these 11 things.

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