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The best tyre brands for cars driven in Nigeria

If you ask me, “What brands of tyre will you recommended for cars driven in Nigeria?”, the answer I’ll give will be, “Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, and Pirelli are great brands you can consider.”. However, unlike many people who’ll give answers based on what they feel (which are often based on their limited experiences and what they’ve heard), my answer is instead based on the following — (i) technical tests carried out by international entities; (ii) statistics; and (iii) personal experiences. In short, when I say brands like Bridgestone, Continental, Dunlop, Goodyear, Michelin, and Pirelli are great brands, be assured I’m speaking a fact and not falsehood.

However, don’t get me wrong, there may be some other brands which are great, but the brands I mentioned above are those I’ve been able to confirm their excellence.

Also, because I’ve said that “there may be some other brands which are great”, this doesn’t mean you should go try out that brand a friend recommended you; doing such a thing means you’re creating the chances of using a tyre which will put your life at risk. Rather, if you want to try out a brand not among the 6 brands I mentioned above, see if there’s an expert who can give you accurate information about the brand; if you find a true expert who says the brand is good, then you can proceed with using it. However, if you can’t find an expert who can vouch for the brand, it’s best to avoid the brand.

Note that, when I said “expert” (in the paragraph above), I’m not talking about “that your friend who has been using cars for a million years” or “that guy who sells a lot of tyres”. When I said “expert”, I’m rather referring to someone who understands the science and engineering of tyres; it is this kind of people you can really on, to give accurate information about how good a tyre brand is. So if you can’t find such a person to vouch for a brand of tyre, it’s best to avoid the brand, even if there are a lot of people claiming the brand to be a good one.

Details about the 6 brands mentioned above

While the paragraphs above provide a basic answer to a question like, “What brands of tyre will you recommended for cars driven in Nigeria?”, I think it’ll be worthwhile providing further information about each of the brands mentioned above. In fact, the rest of this content will be spent providing more information about the brands. So here we go with the details —

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1. Bridgestone

Bridgestone is a brand owned by a Japanese company known as Bridgestone Corporation. The company was established in 1931, by a Japanese man known as Shōjirō Ishibashi. The company started out as a small company manufacturing car parts, but with time, the company grew to become a public company which made over ¥265.55 billion as net income in 2016.

It is also worthwhile stating that the Japanese auto parts manufacturer is currently the largest tyre manufacturer in the world, making it ahead of many other top brands Michelin, Goodyear, and the likes, when it comes to the volume of tyres produced per year. In fact, Bridgestone has held this title since 2017, and I’m quite confident it will retain this title for many years to come.

As of November 2020, Bridgestone has manufacturing plants in almost continents, including Africa. The company has a plant in South Africa. Also, the development of a plant in Cameroon is currently ongoing. It was further learnt that the company has the intention of establishing a new plant in Kenya, in 2023.

The success of a company like Bridgestone is never out of sheer luck, the success of the company is rather something the company deserves. In short, when buying a Bridgestone tyre, be assured you’re buying a product of world-class quality. In fact, I should probably add that the company is a maker of Formula One tyres.

2. Continental

Continental is a brand owned by a German company known as Continental AG. The company is of course also one of the largest tyre makers in the world, although it doesn’t manufacture as much as a company like Bridgestone. However, when it comes to age, Continental AG is way older than the likes of Bridgestone, as this company has been around since 1871.

Giving further details about the history of Continental AG, the company was founded as a small rubber manufacturing company. However, with time, it grew to become the largest rubber manufacturing company in Germany, then it eventually grew to become a company manufacturing automotive parts. And while many people just know the company to manufacture car tyres, the company actually manufactures tyres for almost all sorts of vehicles. In fact, Continental AG is a top bicycle tyre manufacturer. And unlike Bridgestone which has plants in just some continents of the world, Continental AG has manufacturing plants in all continents of the world (of course this includes Africa).

In short, if you’re interested in getting a new tyre, Continental is also one of the brands you can consider. The company has a great deal of experience manufacturing tyres and it has led a lot of innovations in the tyre industry.

3. Dunlop

In 1890, the inventor of the pneumatic tyre (John Boyd Dunlop), started a tyre manufacturing company. And thanks to the man’s business and engineering skills, he was able to grow the company into a very profitable one. In no time, Dunlop went from being a local brand in Ireland to become a global brand; the brand spread to all continents of the world, including Africa and Australia. However, after some years, for some reason beyond the scope of this content, all Dunlop’s manufacturing plants around the world split, causing the Dunlop brand to become a brand operated by multiple companies around the world. Even up till date, while it may not seem like it, the brand is operated by multiple independent companies. Some of these companies in question include well-know companies like — Goodyear, Dunlop India Limited, Sumitomo Rubber Industries, and Continental AG.

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In short, even though the Dunlop brand is not backed by a single company, it’s still a brand you can trust, as all the companies behind the brand work together to ensure that products produced under the brand are of top quality.

4. Goodyear

Goodyear is a brand owned by Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company. Founded by Frank Seiberling in 1898, the company has been primarily a tyre manufacturer for all its existence. When the company was established, there are already many tyre manufacturers out there, but the fact that products of the brand were more easily detachable and required little maintenance, made products of the brand to be quickly accepted by the market. And while some people may know the brand to have only car tyres, the brand has tyres for almost all types of vehicles. In fact, the manufacturer produces tyres for aeroplanes.

Furthermore, I will like to state that, just like the other brands discussed above, Goodyear is a global brand, with manufacturing plants in almost all continents of the world, including Africa. And as regards Formula One, the brand is the most successful tyre brand in the history of Formula One.

In short, if you’ll like to get a good tyre for your car, a Goodyear product is one of those you can consider. I personally use products of this brand, so be assured you’ll never regret using a product the brand.

5. Michelin

Michelin is a very popular brand, when it comes to tyres, and I strongly doubt you’ve never heard of the brand. This brand is owned by a French company known as “Compagnie Générale des Établissements Michelin SCA, although the Michelin tyre brand came into existence in 1889. This tyre brand was created after two brothers (André Michelin and Édouard Michelin) saw how difficult it was to remove the tyre of typical bicycles that existed during the 1880s and the 1890s; the brothers solved this problem by inventing the removable pneumatic tyre, and this invention will cause a French cyclist (Charles Terront) to go ahead and win the world’s first long-distance cycle race. In no time, the brothers’ impressive inventions and innovations will lead them to running a very portable tyre brand which will eventually become the Michelin brand we know today.

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Just like every other brand in this content, Michelin is a worldwide brand. “Compagnie Générale des Établissements Michelin SCA” has manufacturing plants across the world, and it is known as the second-largest tyre manufacturer in the world.

And for those who aren’t aware, Michelin isn’t only a car tyre brand, there are also Michelin tyres for other things like — aeroplanes, automobiles, bicycles, heavy equipment, motorcycles, and space shuttles.

In conclusion, if you’ll like to get some new tyres for your car, Michelin is a brand you can try out.

6. Pirelli

Pirelli which is another great tyre brand, is a brand owned by an Italian company known as “Pirelli & C. S.p.A.”. The Pirelli brand has been around since its founder (Giovanni Battista Pirelli) founded it in 1872. But unlike the other brands on this list, the company does not have a spectacular history; however, don’t get this wrong, even though the brand’s history is not as interesting as those of most of the other brands in this content, the Pirelli brand is also a great brand; in fact, I should state that the brand was the exclusive tyre partner for the Grand-Am Rolex Sports Car Series, between 2008 and 2010; this brand has furthermore been the exclusive tyre partner for the FIA Formula One World Championship, since 2011, and this shouldn’t come to an end until at least 2023.

In short, if you’ll like to get a good tyre for your car, the Pirelli brand is one of those you can consider. Tyres of the brand are products I’ve personally used, so I’m not just talking based on assumptions; rather, my claim is a fact.

Final words; Quick note

While the brands mentioned in this content are labelled 1 to 6, the 1 to 6 assigned to them have nothing to do with their ranking. In other words, even though Bridgestone is the first on my list and Continental is the second on my list, this doesn’t mean Bridgestone is better than Continental. In fact, if you pay attention to the order, you may notice that the brands are instead listed in the alphabetical order.

In short, when trying to buy a good tyre for your car, feel free to buy a product from any of the brands mentioned in this content. These brands are all excellent brands, so regardless of which of them you choose, you’ll enjoy whichever it is that you choose.

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