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8 reasons why Nigerians prefer Toyota cars

There are many reasons why Nigerians like Toyota cars, but the top among these reasons are — build quality, cost of purchase, cost of usage, dependability, durability, maintenance, performance, and user experience. And if you happen to have used a Toyota car, I bet you’ll agree to all these reasons.

However, not only do I plan to tell you the top reasons why Nigerians prefer Toyota cars, but I also intend discussing these reasons. And there we go.

The top 8 reasons why Nigerians prefer Toyota cars

8 reasons why Nigerians prefer Toyota cars

1. Build quality

The build quality of Toyota cars is one of their major selling points.

For those who don’t know what is meant by this, what this means is basically, how well a car was built, talking from a general perspective.

So whenever you buy a Toyota product, regardless of what you may have heard about it, you should know that great engineering work was put into the development of the car. And thanks to the build quality of cars of this brand, automobiles produced by this company, if well-maintained, will still look and perform like new cars, after years of usage.

Don’t get me wrong, this doesn’t mean there are no other brands capable of competing with Toyota in this aspect; there actually are, it’s just that Toyota ranks higher than most other brands in this aspect.

2. Cost of purchase

Toyota cars are not only great when it comes to build quality, the cars are also great when it comes to their cost of purchase. Usually, when something is good, they usually cost more than their competing inferiors. But when it comes to Toyota cars and their competing equivalents, Toyota products are relatively cheaper. And with Nigeria being a place where the cost of owning a car is high for people, being relatively cheaper is a thing that will definitely be appreciated.

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However, don’t get me wrong. I’m not saying you’ll never find cars cheaper than Toyota products. You actually will, my point is that Toyota is arguable the cheaper brand, when it comes to other brands that can compete well with it.

3. Cost of usage

The cost of purchasing a car is not the only thing that matters. Another thing that matters greatly, is how much it will cost you to use a car. There are some cars that will sell at relatively cheap prices, but when you look at the cost of using the car, you’ll end up realizing the car is a bad deal. And since such a problem is not something you’ll experience with Toyota cars, this is another reason why Nigerians prefer products of the brand.

Giving details, Toyota cars are fuel-efficient, so you won’t have to buy a very large quality of fuel, just to get to your destination. Also, when it comes to the cost of repairing damaged parts, you won’t have to break the bank to do so.

4. Dependability

When we buy cars, we usually do so because we need them for some reason. So, what we ordinarily expect is that when we need them, they should be ready to serve us. But unfortunately, when it comes to being dependable, a lot of car brands fail at this. For instance, you may have tested your car when you woke up in the morning, but when it’s time for you to go out, the car will refuse to start; this kind of problem is an issue owners of many other car brands have, and since Toyota cars hardly come up with such surprises, Nigerians love to opt-in for Toyota cars, since they know they won’t have such problems with cars of the brand.

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Also, don’t get this wrong, this doesn’t mean Toyota is the only brand creating dependable cars. Brands like Mercedes and Honda, are also great brands, when it comes to being dependable.

5. Durability

There are many cars out there that when you buy them, you’ll enjoy them. But after 6 months or a few years, they’ll start to develop many sorts of problem. In fact, there are some of them which develop problems you’ll find it extremely difficult to bring an end to. And to avoid such cars is one of the reasons people also prefer Toyota cars.

So in simpler terms, if you’ll like a car that will serve you for decades, a brand like Toyota is one of those you can consider, and this is another reason why people love the brand. In fact, I have seen cases where people transferred their Toyota cars to their children, after using them for decades; this is not a thing you’ll see with many other brands.

6. Maintenance

All cars, regardless of how good they are, require some maintenance, if you’ll like to enjoy them for long. But this becomes annoying, when a car requires a lot of maintenance. And to avoid spending too much time and money on car maintenance, is another reason why people consider Toyota cars over cars from many other brands.

7. Performance

Performance is a very important thing when it comes to cars. When buying a car, not only do you want a car that looks nice, you also want something that’s going to perform well on many types of road and weather conditions. And the fact that Toyota cars triumph is this aspect is another top reason why people love products of the brand.

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8. User experience

User experience, for those who don’t understand what it means, is simply a matter of how much you enjoy using a car and how easy it is for you to use it. And when it comes to user experience, many other car brands fail at this.

If you’ve never used a Toyota car, you may not understand how cool Toyota cars can be, but if you have, I bet you can understand what I mean by this.

In short, the fact that Toyota cars have outstanding user experience is another reason why Nigerians prefer the brand over so many other brands.

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Another top reason you’ll hear from people is “design”. Some people feel Toyota cars are more beautiful than cars of other brands. And while I can’t say this is false, I decided not to list it as one of the reasons, because “beauty” is a subjective thing; a thing that looks very beautiful to one person may look unpleasant to another, so it’s best to leave such a reason out of an article like this.

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