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How to Troubleshoot your Car Kickstarter

The sole responsibility of a Kickstarter is to initiate and ignite the engine, an engine cannot run without a starter that needs to turn the engine flywheel but what if your Kickstarter fails to works as it should.

Today we are going to discuss some common issues that might prevent a Kickstarter from performing as required, sometimes your Kickstarter might not be able to turn your engine or takes a couple of minutes before the engine can turn.

Troubleshooting your Car Kickstarter

Car kickstarter
A Kickstart
Your car Kickstarter might be faulty and need a replacement while some are just perfect but needs some check up and minor fixing in order to work properly that is why we are going to take a look on this common issues we can Troubleshoot without replacing the Kickstarter itself.
If you are sure that your starter is having one problem or the other simple read my recommendations below to see if you can easily fix it because the problem might not come from the Kickstarter but from other unknown errors.

Check your Battery

 Anything that uses Kickstarter needs either Deep Cycle Batteries, Valve-Regulated Lead-Acid Batteries, Wet Cell (or Flooded) Batteries and Lithium-Ion (Li-ion) Batteries etc
Whatever type of battery you are using doesn’t matter as long as you are using the recommended battery for your car.
To understand how a Kickstarter works, it connects directly to the battery that has enough current to power it just the same way a Kickstarter forces the engine to turn which means that when the battery is faulty it will affect the performance of the Kickstarter and when Kickstarter is faultythen it will affect the engine.
Now It’s necessary to have a battery hydrometer to regularly check the health of your lead-acid battery to avoid inconveniences brought by a problematic car battery instead of the Kickstarter itself.
To be sure whether your battery is the problem or the Kickstarter simply try to swap your battery with a good battery and see if the problem persist if not then fix the battery or replace it immediately.
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Inspect Cables And Wires

A bad connection can prevent your Kickstarter from working properly since the necessary current needed to power the Kickstarter is not available.
You need to check your battery head connectors to be sure they are passing current as required and adjust the head connectors to tightly fit into the terminals for proper contact between the connectors and terminals.

Inspect The Starter Solenoid

Take a look at the Kickstarter to be sure that everything is connected as required because the connectors might be weak and pull off without you knowing or might be having some partial contact that will surely affect the performance of the Kickstarter.
In most cases, a starter solenoid comes in different shape and forms depending on your vehicle brand but the simple truth is that they all perform the same task which is cranking an ignition.
It’s important to properly check the connections at the starter solenoid (the small cylinder on top of the starter) or starter relay.
There are some vehicles that use a remote starter relay instead of a solenoid and example of such brand are Ford vehicles
To make sure that everything is in place make sure that the positive (red) battery cable connects directly to the solenoid or starter relay and if in any case, you are unable to find the relay then you need to check your vehicle repair manual for your car make and model.

This video below will teach you more on how to troubleshoot a starter problem from BBBIND.COM

Check The Engine Flywheel

We have been expatiating about the battery and Kickstarter itself but what if the engine has problems that force more pleasure on the starter.

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The Engine Flywheel is the next place to check for errors, but what is Engine flywheel?

Whenever you see or hear the name engine flywheel you should note that such name is referring to the large, heavy wheel between the engine and transmission and its main work is to engage with the starter motor to crank the engine.



To run a check on the engine flywheel you need to remove the Kickstarter motor and possibly set your transmission to Neutral and try to rotate the crankshaft by turning the middle dart on the crankshaft pulley utilizing a ratchet or breaker bar and an attachment. You’ll discover this pulley at the front and base of the motor square.

This pulley pivots the drive or serpentine belt to run the alternator, guiding siphon and different parts. Contingent upon your vehicle display, you may need to evacuate a wheel to access the pulley focus jolt. Watch the flywheel as it turns and ensures the teeth are in great condition.

Absent or harmed teeth will keep the starter engine from wrenching the motor. Supplant the flywheel, if important

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