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Guide on GPS Car Tracking System & Why you need it

Am sure you have been hearing about security GPS Car Tracking system that can help you protect your car against theft by giving you the ability to track and find the location of your car anywhere and anytime with the help of modern technology and Global Positioning System (GPS).

If you own a car or have the desire to own one in the future then this information is for you that is if you can spare me only 5 minutes of your time to go through it.
Before I proceed, you might have one or more questions to ask about Gps car tracking system but don’t worry, I am prepared to answer all your questions.
  • What is a GPS car tracking system
  • Why do I need a GPS tracker on my Car?
  • How does GPS car tracking system work?
  • Where to install the Gps tracker on my car?
  • What is the Price and how to get an affordable GPS tracking system?
  • How can I install the GPS car tracker on my Car?
  • Can’t the tracker be removed easily by car snatchers?

I am going to answer the 7 questions mentioned above in a simple way for you to understand them and if you have other questions to ask kindly comment for more guide.

Note: The Gps tracking system is not only limited to cars, but you can also install and track your KEKE NAPEP and MINI BUS for those doing higher purchase business and you will be able to know when your drivers are on the road and when they are not to avoid stories

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  • What is a GPS car tracking system

A Gps represents Global Positioning System, a navigation device normally installed into vehicles to track the movements and determine the location of the vehicle.

GPS is not only meant for cars but can as well be used by someone to find any location with the right hardware and software installed.

A smartphone that comes with maps uses a global positioning system to determine locations, in fact whenever an idea of tracking a location comes to your mind then think about Gps tracking system.

  • Why do I need a GPS tracker on your Car
GPS tracking components
Some believe they are too smart to be a victim of car theft until sorry becomes a pleasant gift from their family and friends but trust me those who invented a Gps tracking system is not only to make money but to help you protect your valuables.
A Gps tracker does not protect your car directly by preventing a thief from snatching it from you but will help you track and recover it immediately since you can easily find the location of your vehicle anywhere through the help of Gps tracking system.
Don’t wait to be a victim, be on a safer side after all a mini Gps tracking system doesn’t cost you much some even goes less than 9k.
  • How does GPS car tracking system work?
How does GPS car tracking system work
Gps tracking system

Am certain you know what Gps tracking system is all about but the question remains, how does it work or how can it help you protect your car.

To protect your vehicle you simply need a portable Gps car tracking system and install it in a place inside your vehicle where thieves cannot be able to locate it easily.

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When installing the tracker a Gps device will be attached to your vehicle and then a compatible mobile app will be installed on your smartphone that will enable you to monitor and locate your vehicle anytime.

There is different car tracking system with different strategies, some use an IP and some send location codes to your mobile phone that can be traced to the location of your car while some make it easier pinpointing the car movements on your smartphone map.

Remember some might need a sim card and data connection to be able to communicate and send the necessary information to you when required

  • Where to install the Gps tracker on my car
Where to install the Gps tracker on my car
Normally you need an expert to do this for you but you can as well do it yourself since most of the tracking devices have understandable manuals on how to install them but according to my research the best place to hide the tracking device can be:
  1. Inside the dashboard
  2. Under rear windshield
  3. In the front or rear plastic bumper
  4. Inside a car seat cushion
  5. Clip it to the sun visors above the front dash on the passenger’s side
  6. In the inside of the back brake lights

Watch this video on how to install a GPS tracker on your car.

  • What is the Price and how to get an affordable GPS tracking system
A good GPS car tracker will cost between N8,000 – N30,000 depending on the type you want but to be sure you can see different Gps tracking system and their prices on Jumia Nigeria.
The price is nothing compared to the benefits, at least you can have rest of mind without any fear of losing your car.
  • How can I install the GPS car tracker on my Car
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Going through the user manual will help you to install it yourself because the highest secrets you can have are those ones you know and kept to yourself but if you don’t understand how it works or how to install it then feel free to contact me for more help anytime.
  • Can’t the tracker be removed easily by car snatchers
Finally, you might be worried about the tracker being removed immediately once your car is snatched from you but remember even the thief is afraid and don’t have the time to look for any track but to zoom off immediately which gives you the opportunity to call the police or visit the nearest police station with the tracking system installed on your phone for immediate recovery.
Some will still not know anything about tracking system but believes in the power of their gun but having it installed means you are stronger and smarter than them.
Let me know if you have any contributions or questions to ask.

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