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5 Truths Nigerian Car Dealers will not tell you

Buying a car in Nigeria can be a task only the experienced and smart people can complete and come out with happiness because many Nigerian car dealers just want to brainwash you, get their money and never cares what happens next.

Nigerian Car Dealers

They are not interested in building a good relationship among their customers nor cares about their integrity and reputation as long as they make some cash, maximizing their profit is their priority and nothing else matters and for that reason, they are willing to hide the truth.

Recently I published an article here that explains few things you need to know before buying any vehicle but I was pushed to expose some hidden truth some Nigerian car dealers fails to tell their customers when I heard a story of a guy who bought  car from one of the Nigerian car dealers for 1.8 million and later sold it back to them for less than 800,000 because the car was faulty.

I don’t know if you are currently searching or planning to buy either Nigerian used or foreign used car and if yes then this guide is only for you.

If you have the experience then you will surely know how to find what you want but when you lack some basic knowledge about cars you will easily be deceived because no one cares about you, they just want your money and once you end up buying the car, you are on your own.

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I am willing to tell you the hidden facts and truths Nigerian dealers will not tell you because you deserve fair treatment and respect, being a novice in the system doesn’t give anyone the right to deceive you.

The Truths Auto Dealers will not tell you

To get started we are going to take a closer look at those hidden facts and truths the Nigerian Auto dealers don’t want you to know when negotiating business with them.

1. Steering and Dashboard changed from right to left

Nigerians Auto dealers normally buy vehicles from those countries that drive right-hand cars at a very cheap rate and when it comes down to Nigerian they will convert it to the left-hand side which involves changing the dashboard entirely and such thing cannot be done perfectly in Nigeria without error but because they bought the car very cheap and expect to earn a good margin in profit they will not tell you about the changes, try to avoid such a vehicle because you will surely face more problems in the feature.

2. They will tell you if you don’t buy now you will not see it again tomorrow

Don’t let anyone pressurize you in buying something you are not sure of because what is not meant for you will never be meant for you and what is not yours is not yours but if you force it you will surely pay the price.
They always make you think that the car is a hot cake that will not last for an hour before it is sold, don’t mind them take your time and do a proper checkup before buying any car, after all, there are still thousands and millions to choose from.

3. Ignore the fake report

To make it look professional in their business model, they will always show you the vehicle report which is always a fake report because they will never show you the real bad side of the car instead they will do anything possible to persuade you to buy while hiding the real truth about the car.
Always recheck and rescan to find your own personal report on any vehicle you wish to buy before any commitment.

4. No space to test drive

Some Auto dealers will not allow you to drive and test the vehicle you want to buy because they claim not to have the space for testing while some tend to prevent you from testing what you want to buy because they don’t want to add to the mileage of the car, say no to such situation because you have every right to know what you are really buying before making payment.

5. Upgraded Vehicles

They will tell you that you are buying a 2012 model not knowing that you are actually buying a 2008 model and when you find out they will tell you that the car has been upgraded to 2012 model and that is if you find out at all.
Upgraded or not you have the right to know the real model of the vehicle you are about to buy don’t let them deceive you.

After Purchase what to do next

Some of the problems you might encounter after buying a Nigerian used or foreign used cars may not be attributed to the dealers sometimes and to be on a safer side try as much as you can to go for inspection with someone that has more knowledge about cars, a good mechanic probably.
Finally, there few things you must do before taking your car home or before using it for a long journey, check the water level, replace the engine oil and gear oil then you are good to go once every other thing is okay

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