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How you can Improve Your Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

Owning a car is just like owning a police dog that needs to be fed on a regular basis but what and how you feed him can be determined by you and in comparison to owning a vehicle, you buy fuel, engine oil, and other fluids.

Just the way you can decide what and how you feed your dog, you can as well control the distance and fuel consumption of your vehicle but the question right now is how?
Vehicle fuel efficiency
Some people only buy cars with low fuel consumption standard but when you don’t use it properly then it can still consume more fuel than you thought and when you use those cars that do consume fuel in an unfriendly manner then you can improve its fuel consumption.
Efficiency, as we say, is the state or quality of being efficient which means achieving maximum productivity with minimum wasted effort or expense
Today we are going to find out few ways you can reduce your car fuel consumption that will help you save money for other projects, this guide is not all about vehicles that consume more or less fuel but how to make the best use of what we have in a more proficient way.

How to Improve Your Vehicle Fuel Efficiency

I don’t intend to waste much of your time all you need is to relax and learn what might help you today or tomorrow.

Pay attention to the sound and check exhaust leakage

You need to regularly pay close attention to the sound of your vehicle and whenever you notice any abnormal sound take it to your mechanic and you can only detect when there is a problem with your exhaust through the engine sound.
Any vehicle with slight exhaust leakage will not only affect the fuel consumption but will as well affect its movement.

Check your tire

Keeping an eye on your vehicle tire pressure is really very important because when you are running under-inflated tire then you might be burning your fuel the more.

Select the right Gear at the right time

Not selecting the right gear at any given time can become a big problem for you and your car not just about the fuel consumption because the engine suffers your inabilities and will even consume more fuel in the process.
In other words, maintaining a good and controllable speed when in a freeway is necessary because research shows that driving in the highest gear possible without labouring the engine is the best fuel-efficient way of driving. 
When driving at the speed of 60-70 km/h, your vehicle will possibly use 25-30 percent more fuel in third gear than it would have consumed in fifth, in other words, if you try to maintain low speed below 50-60 km/h then there is possibility that you can consume 45 percent more fuel than required which clearly shows that how you drive also contribute to the fuel consumption.
Making good use of cruise control can help you save close to 5 percent or more in fuel consumption on the highway

Always remember to change your air filter

Changing your car air filter as often as recommended is very important and possibly you can find more on how you should be changing your air filter on your vehicle manual but you might be changing it more often than required if you are living in a dusty area.

Check and monitor the engine

Human beings have different types of sicknesses and diseases and the case is not different when it comes to vehicles, they equally require a regular checkup meanwhile since we now have a computer controlled fuel injection system, there is nothing like the old-fashioned “tune-up” in this modern age but then you might have some minor replacement like spark plugs, oxygen sensor, the air and fuel filters etc.

Don’t keep your car idle for long

You might think that starting your car without using it saves you fuel but that’s not true because starting your engine while packing it around the corner and not making use of it consumes half-a-gallon to one gallon of gas per hour and pumps needless CO2 into the atmosphere. Modern engine cars will surely consume less fuel turning off and re-starting than idling for extended periods.

Upgrade your SUV

SUV is an abbreviation for ‘sport utility vehicle and if you own one then you might consider switching from an aggressive patterned off-road tread to a fuel-efficient highway tread that tends to be more efficient

Drive smoothly like a professional driver

Don’t push it so hard, relax and take control as you apply light throttle handling and avoiding heavy or quick braking. that way you will be able to reduce both fuel consumption and unnecessary wear and tear.

Cross check and fix some issues

Regularly or before embarking on a long journey inspect suspension and chassis parts for misalignment, bent wheels, axles, worn shocks, and broken springs which can contribute to drivetrain drag other related problems.
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