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How much does it cost to Ship a car to Nigeria from USA

What are the cost of shipping a car from abroad down to Nigeria and clearing cost from Apapa Wharf Lagos and other seaports in Nigeria, you will find an answer to these questions and more.

There are many car dealers in Nigeria where you can find any type of car you want but not everyone is interested to patronize those Nigerian dealers instead they will go shopping themselves abroad and ship the car down to Nigerian and if you are thinking in the same direction then you just at the right page at the right time.

RORO car shipping from USA to Nigeria
Today we are going to discuss about the monetary aspect of shipping a car from a country like United State of America (USA) down to your home country and as well discuss about some places and trusted a website where you can search and order for any car of your choice online saving you the stress of traveling.
Before we proceed I will like to talk about Cotonou which is the first choice for many Nigerians when it comes to buying good foreign used cars at an affordable price.
Cotonou is not a country but the largest city and economic center of Benin colonized by French since the colonization Benin and a country like France are in good terms when it comes to business and development of the country which made it easier to ship cars to their country from other french countries compared to Nigeria.
Despite having Cotonou at the back of their mind many still like to buy cars directly from USA, Germany, Italy, and Japan but the question is how much will it cost to ship a car from a country like USA, Italy, Germany etc.
There are a few things that determine the amount you are going to pay for a particular car to arrive in Nigeria.

Model, Year and total cost of the Car

The most important thing that contributes to the cost of shipping and clearing your car from the seaport is the car model, year of production and total cost of the car.
An expensive car tends to cost more to ship to Nigerian and as well expensive to clear from the seaport and before buying a car from abroad make sure you did some underground check on how much it will cost to ship it and the clearing cost in Nigeria.
Clearing of cars can be determined by Nigerian customs officers based on the model of the care, year of the car production and total cost of the care


Toyota Corolla 2003 -2006 might cost you between 350,000 – 600,000 to clear in Nigeria port while the shipping might cost you between $800 – $2,000.

Shipping method

There are 2 main types of shipment when it comes to cars, Container shipping and RORO shipping method which you have to choose between the two shipping method.
Car shippment from USA to Nigeria

Container and RORO shipping

When you decide to keep your car inside a container and bring it down to Nigeria through container ships then it becomes shipment through container and on the other hand RORO means Roll-on/roll-off ships which are vessels designed to carry wheeled cargo, such as cars, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers, and railroad cars, that are driven on and off the ship on their own wheels or using a platform vehicle, such as a self-propelled modular transporter.
Shipment through RORO means that the car must be run and drive and not have extensive damage.

The condition of the Vehicle

In Nigeria when an imported car is tagged damaged or salvage it means that the car is not in good condition and the clearing cost might be cheaper compared to clean cars which show that the condition of your car can influence the cost of shipping and clearing.

How long does it take for your car to alive in Nigeria seaport

You might be interested to know how long it will take your car to alive from the USA or from other countries but according to my research it takes between 2-3 weeks approximately
After fulfilling all the shipping requirement what you need to do next is to get the money ready to clear your car from Wharf within 2-3 weeks to avoid accumulating
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Where to buy a car from USA online

Auction Export is the Nigerian first choice when it comes to buying and bidding for cars online and I have personally contacted them a few months ago when I wanted to know the actual price of clearing a car in Nigerian and I felt happy they even have agents in Nigeria that can help you with the clearing estimation before buying and shipping your car.I will be happy to assist you further if you still have any question to ask regarding car shipment and clearing.

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